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GrowthMatrix is Proven

The SAOL™ methodology was developed by the Rubi Ho Group, a strategic and organizational leadership consulting firm. Inspired by over 20,000 hours “in the trenches” with corporate leaders and their teams, Rubi Ho designed and built the SAOL™ methodology for assessing one’s competitive advantages, leveraging those advantages, and relentlessly applying them towards measurable, performance-based goals. The methodology was created out of Rubi’s passion to make organizations and teams healthier, leaders more skillful, and consulting more outcomes-based.

GrowthMatrix gets Results

The SAOL™ methodology has helped organizations move from states of “divergence” to “convergence” by helping them strive towards organizational health and optimum performance – critical components to achieving personal and corporate success while charting a clear course for competitive advantage.

GrowthMatrix is SAOL™ Certified

GrowthMatrix is a certified consultant affiliated with the Rubi Ho Group and trained to provide the SAOL™ methodology as it was developed by Rubi Ho. Rubi is a well-regarded strategic and organizational consultant, celebrated author, and founder and architect of the Strategic, Agile, Organizational Health, and Leadership Consultant (SAOL™) methodology and certification program. Starting as a “one-man-show”, Rubi has since grown the organization’s depth and breadth with a hand-picked team of highly skilled consultants trained in the organization’s proprietary leadership methodology – Strategic, Agile, Organizational Health, and Leadership (SAOL™).

“Business is inherently a human endeavor. Success is obtained through the collaborative effort of people: employees, managers, and executives. Therefore, true leaders are focused on the strategic and organizational health to drive outcomes and performance.”

Glenn Bryan

Glenn Bryan is the founder of GrowthMatrix, Inc. providing leadership and management development to growing firms through executive coaching and management advising.  His primary focus is developing managerial talent from an integrated skill and behavioral perspective. Success in today’s competitive market requires that firms holistically develop their leaders, both present and future, to not only achieve high-performance metrics but to do so while building strong relationships.

Glenn believes in the power of successful businesses that embody character and ethics to positively transform society. His personal mission is to educate, coach, and grow leaders to reach their business and professional goals while acting responsibly to their employees, customers, and communities.

He is also a business professor at Ohio Wesleyan University where he teaches marketing, corporate strategy, and leadership to the next generation of business leaders.  Glenn has a doctorate in Marketing from Cleveland State University, a Master of Business Administration from Boise State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Eastern Nazarene University.